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Anónimo: What they're trying to say is that Harry and Louis are aware of the rumors but they don't have to KNOW every single one of larry shippers theories. Seriously do you really think they bother? This is logical for me. Seeing how Louis respond to it i can't see him look for this kind of stuff on the internet because it'd make him angry. What he knows about larry, he knows it because of twitter mainly, so he doesn't know everything. Oops can have another meaning to him, and nobody can be 100% sure. 



Of course he could have another meaning to him. Personally, i never included hi and Oops in the given - you can’t think otherwise  - complementary tattoos.

The Hi llooking like Louis’ handwriting could be a coincidence.

The Oops looking like Harry’s handwriting could be a coincidence. (x)

Harry caressing the Hi tattoo, like it holds special meaning, coould be a coincidence.

Liam saying the Hi was his favourite Harry’s tattoo, looking at Louis, could be a coincidence.

Louis including the Hi in the things about Harry could be a coincidence


(bonus: Louis IN Harry lol)

We know for a fact that Harry and Louis met in a bathroom, but Harry tweeting he was glad someone peed on him (“Oops”) in quote, like it was someone else that said that, could be a coincidence

Louis already wearing a shirt with one of their couple tattoos (and nobody can deny that) could be a coincidence.


And yes, Louis checks twitter, but, even if people talk there too, maybe he never read anything about the Hi and Oops headcanon.

But given all those coincidences, calling someone who believes that (and i am one of them) a “deluded” tinhatter looks a bit prejudiced and close-minded, don’t you think?

"i can’t see him look for this kind of stuff on the internet because it’d make him angry"

Louis’ recent twitter follow



You just lost credibility for me right there.

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